Who We Are?

We are a group of exceptionally successful students from City Law School who have decided to share their knowledge and experience with new students. All of us here at SimpleStudying currently are or have been at the same position as our customers. We are very well aware of the struggles that Law students face during their law Degree and our platform focuses on tackling those issues in an efficient manner. Our approach is to simplify the vast amount of material offered and bring all resources at one place.

SimpleStudying has won a startup competition of City, University of London – CitySpark 2019. As a result, our team has been awarded funds, business mentorship and a place in the startup launchLab to develop our platform.

Nini Sarishvili

Co-Founder of Simple Studying

LLM student at City Law School

Miltos Giannakopoulos

Co-founder of Simple Studying

LLB3 student at City Law School

Outstanding performance awards in Constitutional and Administrative law, Contract law, Equity & Trusts, Land Law.

Asfand Waheed

Team Member

LLB2 student at City Law School

Outstanding performance award in Criminal law

Keith Isaac

Team Member

BPTC student at City Law School

Outstanding performance award in Constitutional and Administrative Law

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