What We Do

We provide you with short yet relevant notes which is written in simplified language and covers the essential concepts and cases that you need to know to be successful in your exams. Our notes have already been tested on students and are shown to cause significant improvement in achieved assessment results!

We shall also teach key exam techniques as well as advice as to what is expected from the student when undertaking an exam.  We upload essays which have been awarded upper 2:1s and 1stclass grades (along with feedback) as a means of highlighting the correct structure to follow. We do this as we understand that knowing the law is only 50% of a law student’s work while actually knowing how to structure an answer in an essay is just as important! To help even understand this on an even deeper level, we have uploaded some tutorial videos explaining essay structure and drafted model answers to problem/essay questions for you.

Our website will allow you to register and have you own account with your personal information. You will then be able to find classmates and fellow students from your or other universities, organise meetings, group study, engage in legal discussion on our forums, invite your friends to play mooting, chat with each other or even find a study buddy!

The platform also allows students to connect with each other and build a community. Our platform encourages simple and more interactive way of studying which allows law students to not only perfect their knowledge of law and be successful in their exams but also make connections while doing so, which makes our platform highly distinguishable from other law-related websites.

We have currently provided eight core modules that are generally relevant in a student’s first and second year of study. These modules are: Criminal law, Contract law, English Legal System, Constitutional and Administrative law, Equity and Trusts, Land law, European Union law and Tort law. We shall be adding content for other modules shortly. We plan to create many other kinds of games and videos to assist you study in the simplest way possible. Realisation of these objectives will depend largely on your support and our initial subscription totals. So, if you like our content and want us to continue helping you, do not hesitate to subscribe!

Membership options:

We offer two types of membership: Basic (free) and Premium (paid membership plans). However, we decided to offer premium memberships for free for the academic year 2018/2019. You can subscribe as a premium member for free and enjoy our services and materials for the whole academic year with no charge!