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Study Tips

When undertaking legal studies, it is important to possess the ability to organise and plan your studying in an efficient way which maximizes one’s ability to achieve desirable results. Good organisation and hard work is key to succeeding at the university level. However, if these are not your strong points then do not be alarmed as we are here to teach you and give you some useful study tips based on previous experiences.

Usually, you are advised to read all the essential and additional reading at the law school which could amount to 300 pages a week. This can be very challenging due to the complicated legal jargon and language used in these books and the vast amount of time necessary to comprehend the material read. 

Since this task is very hard to complete if not impossible, we have decided to simplify your work and do all the reading for you. We have a dedicated team of successful law students and graduates who have completed all the required reading and created excellent summary of all the important information you need to know in the simplest terms. After reading our materials, for additional reading you could go through few recommended articles or reading important judgments in full if you have some time. Also it is very important that you read your lecture slides. Since grading is subjective, you need to understand what your professor’s requirements are from your lectures.

Moreover, it is very important to know exam techniques and generally being able to identify the relevant law, apply it to the real life scenario and provide analysis. Please refer to our exam tips, model essays, tutorial videos and quizzes to learn application of law in the questions. Also, you can visit our chatroom to discuss different problem questions with your fellow law students from UK universities or abroad.

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To sum up, best way to study is to have:

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