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Starting a university degree is without doubt a major step in someone’s life. If you have decided to take this step then we applaud you for your bravery! In British universities, law has proven to be a particularly difficult degree as it requires hard work and outstanding organisational skills to complete. As an international, non-native speaker of English, the challenge can be even more daunting. But do not worry! We are here to help!

Through personal experiences, we have realised that students undertaking law degrees are often given overwhelming amounts of reading with little interaction with lecturers to ask questions and grow due to the system’s focus on individual study and self-learning. At Simple Studying, we have developed a solution to this problem through the creation of a platform designed to make studying simpler!


The platform that allows you to connect and
study with other students!

Who we are?

We are a group of exceptionally successful students from top London universities who have decided to share their knowledge and experience with new students. Our content has been tested on students who have struggled with their studies.Our module notes and other resources have successfully been used by the majority of these students to succeed in the completion of their degrees and the passing of individual examinations. Our aim is to repeat this result with each subscriber and to ensure that no law student is without the resources necessary to succeed in the discipline.

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What we do?

We provide you with short yet relevant notes which is written in simplified language and covers the essential concepts and cases that you need to know to be successful in your exams. Our notes have already been tested on students and are shown to cause significant improvement in achieved assessment results!

We shall also teach key exam techniques as well as advice as to what is expected from the student when undertaking an exam.

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