Everest’s Executors v Cox [1980] 1 WLUK 613

catering, redundancy payment
Everest’s Executors v Cox [1980] 1 WLUK 613 is an Employment Law case concerning Redundancy. 
Cox (C), a canteen manager, rejected an alternative job offer from her employers. C, however, contended that the reason for doing so was that she had an interview with new caterers. Furthermore, C believed the new caterers would employer her. In fact, the new caterers did not employ C. As a result, C was dismissed and she claimed a redundancy payment. However, the employers argued that C unreasonably rejected the alternative employment offer.
Whether the employee could receive a redundancy payment.
Yes. In Everest’s Executors v Cox, the Employment Tribunal held that C did not act unreasonably. However, the employers appealed against this decision. Nevertheless, the Employment Appeal Tribunal rejected the employers’ appeal. 
References: [1980] 1 WLUK 613, [1980] I.C.R. 415, [1980] C.L.Y. 958
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