Cases: European Union Law


In this case, Greek nationals whose economic status was unclear had applied for job-seekers’ allowances in Germany. The Court was asked whether or not art 24(2) of Directive 2004/38 is compatible with the commitment to equal treatment for EU citizens under Articles 18 and 21 TFEU. Held: ECJ ruled that introduction of EU citizenship had…

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French citizen applying in the UK for a student maintenance loan or grant to finance the cost of his studies there. The issue was if it fell under art 18; the court followed the similar reasoning as in the case of Grelczyk, departed from its earlier conclusions in Brown and ruled that maintenance grants for…

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French national studying in Belgium. He claimed state social assistance under the Treaty’s prohibition of discrimination on grounds of nationality. The court ruled that the situation changed since its ruling in Brown, with the introduction of EU citizenship. As an EU citizen pursuing vocational studies in another MS, Grzelcyk was entitled to rely on the…

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Court ruled that only grants intended to cover charges relating specifically to access to vocational training such as registration and tuition fees, were covered by the prohibition on discrimination, whereas a maintenance and training grant provided by the state to pursue university study would not be covered.


CJEU ruled that although Member States are entitled to condition a migrant’s entitlement to social benefits on his or her fulfilment of the domestic requirements for lawful residence, those requirements must themselves comply with EU law. In this case, the requirement imposed by the state was that after 3 month period of residence under art…

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