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Our Story

We did not start SimpleStudying because we loved the way UK education system works. Actually, quite the opposite.

We were international students in a London law school. We were working very hard to get high grades, doing all the essential reading and recommended activities by our professors. However, we were still struggling to get First Class grades. By the time we reached the final year, over half of our class had dropped out…

We realized that traditional higher education industry heavily depends on overcomplicated textbooks and lacks digital solutions to make students’ life easier. As a result, around 70% of total enrolled students in the UK university are dropping out throughout their course and only 9.9% gets a 1st class degree. On a typical 3 year undergraduate course, students lose from £91 to 103K(international students) by dropping out including the loss of tuition, subsistence and book fees.


Technology where students can find any specific information they need in seconds instead of reading thousands of pages in dozens of complicated textbooks.

High Quality Content

All our study materials are created by successful students and graduates who have achieved at least upper second or 1st Class grades.


Advanced search, high quality content and a community to connect to millions of other students worldwide and study together.

We provide all in one platform where students find everything they need in one platform.

What is SimpleStudying?

So we started SimpleStudying to fix the broken industry!
Our digital platform is significantly decreasing the dropout rates and improve students’ grades in the UK universities.

How we create materials

Our team of content developers combine all of their study materials, do additional reading and produce condensed, simple materials within established format of SimpleStudying;
We collaborate with current exceptionally talented law students with high 2:1 and 1st class grades who further assist us to improve our materials and keep the content up to date;
We compare our materials with the most recent lecture outlines, research any law reforms and update the content accordingly;
Result: simple, updated, high quality materials which includes all the necessary information to succeed in your exams. The content is being updated every year.

Our Values


Our team is constantly encouraged to innovate. We organise regular brainstorming sessions where we discuss new ideas to improve our strategies, product and services.


We believe that the key to building a great company is to have a happy and productive team resulting in higher quality of work.


We are passionate about our mission – bringing digital revolution to higher education to solve the high dropout rates and improve academic performance of students.

Fast is better than slow

Although we focus on quality, we always try to deliver our development projects as fast as possible while guaranteeing a high quality.


We aim to create the best quality content and technology to transform the higher education for good.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe that high customer satisfaction is key to building a successful business.

Diversity and Inclusion

We value talent from all over the world to bring the international minds together today to build the business of tomorrow.

Why do we need a digital platform for students?

Currently, students are required to research in many different books and read thousands of pages to be able to find information they need to successfully pass their exams. There is no way to find the needed information fast. After interviewing over 200 students, we have estimated that students spend around 800 hours per academic year for searching information. How this was calculated:
Students have on average 4-6 study modules to study per academic year:
Students have around 500 pages to read per study module from where they have to gather the information they need to pass exams. Thus, 2000-3000 pages in total per academic year. From our research, students have noted that they can read 3-5 pages in an hour (due to the textbooks being too complex). In total estimated 800 hours of research.

Meet the Team


Nini Sarishvili

CEO and Co-Founder

LLM graduate specialising in International Commercial Law, with legal work experience in international law, commercial and corporate law.

Miltiadis Giannakopoulos

COO & Co-Founder

LLB graduate with legal work experience in corporate law.

Tirso Rodriguez


Lead Python Developer with experience of working at Tech companies like Gamesys and Wolf & Badger.

Shane Price

Front End Developer

Front End Developer with a background working in sectors such as education, sales and marketing.

Sam Odukoya

Software Engineer

Full Stack Engineer with varied experience across industries such as Finance, Product and Software development.

Sergio Martin

Tech Advisor

Back-end software engineer with experience of working at Tech companies like Gamesys, Expedia and Marshmallow.


Angjelina Ahmeti

Legal Content Developer

Law graduate with outstanding academic achievements

Mariam Loladze

Legal Content Developer

Law student with outstanding academic achievements