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We are a group of exceptionally successful law graduates who have decided to create a platform to assist Law students who are facing the same problems we faced. Through personal experiences, we have realised that students undertaking law degrees are often given overwhelming amounts of reading, notwithstanding the little interaction they have with lecturers to ask questions due to the system’s focus on individual study and self-learning. Many students struggle to cope with the large work load and many drop out. We have decided to help these students through our experience and unique content which is guaranteed to simplify your task of legal study!

Please bear in mind that our content is designed according to the British LLB law degree and it is your responsibility to verify the suitability of our content if you are undertaking a different law course, a legal degree from another jurisdiction or studying common law outside the UK. For further information please see our Terms and Conditions.

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Our team:

Nino Sarishvili


LLM graduate from City Law School

Miltiadis Giannakopoulos


LLB Graduate from City Law School

Outstanding performance awards in Constitutional and

Administrative law, Contract law, Equity & Trusts, Land

law, maritime law, Company law.

Keith Isaac

Team Member

BPTC graduate from City Law School

Outstanding performance award in Constitutional and Administrative Law

Victory of SimpleStudying team at a Startup competition – City Spark Grand Final 2019:

Simple Studying team winner


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