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About SimpleStudying

We are Nini and Miltos, founders of SimpleStudying. We were inspired to create SimpleStudying after years of struggles we experienced in the university.

Did you have to read too many books in the university to find just the right information you needed to get the highest grades on the exams? So did we!

70%-75% of university students drop out in the UK and only 7.5% gets a 1st class. Statistics are even worse for law students where only 3% gets a 1st class! You don’t want to be paying £30,000 or £42,000 if you are an international student to get a degree with poor classification and struggle finding a job.

We are building a game-changing technology significantly improving academic performance of students.

SimpleStudying Team

What is SimpleStudying?

SimpleStudying is an educational technology that significantly decreases the drop-out rate and improves the academic performance of students by:

1) Providing technology which reduces the time students lose for searching the crucial information to get the highest grades from around 800 hours to few minutes.

2) Providing delicately curated content which gives just the right information to students to maximise their chances of getting a 1st class. We create wide variety of study materials for all kinds of learners – visual, reading, practicing with game-style activities etc. As a result, we significantly improve academic performance of students.

3) Building an active community where students can connect, participate in forums, create study groups, find study buddies and share tips and experiences to help each other.

Currently, only law students have been lucky enough to benefit from our platform. After raising our seed investment, we are going to build the final product made for all students around the world.

How we create materials

Law Graduates Team icon

1) Our team of content developers combine all of their study materials, do additional reading and produce condensed, simple materials within established format of SimpleStudying;

Editing Content icon

2) We collaborate with current exceptionally talented law students with high 2:1 and 1st class grades who further assist us to improve our materials and keep the content up to date;

Compare Content icon

3) We compare our materials with the most recent lecture outlines, research any law reforms and update the content accordingly;

Content Result icon

4) Result: simple, updated, high quality materials which includes all the necessary information to succeed in your exams. The content is being updated every year.

Our Values


Our team is constantly encouraged to innovate. We organise regular brainstorming sessions where we discuss new ideas to improve our strategies, product and services.


We believe that the key to building a great company is to have a happy and productive team resulting in higher quality of work.


We are passionate about our mission - bringing digital revolution to higher education to solve the high dropout rates and improve academic performance of students.


We aim to create the best quality content and technology to transform the higher education for good.

Fast is better than slow

Although we focus on quality, we always try to deliver our development projects as fast as possible while guaranteeing a high quality.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe that high customer satisfaction is key to building a successful business.

Diversity and Inclusion

We value talent from all over the world to bring the international minds together today to build the business of tomorrow.

Membership of SimpleStudying Offers

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Tutorial Videos
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Quizzes & Flashcards
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Case Summaries
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Interactive Learning Platform

Notes in all core areas of Law

Both long version containing full content and short version for revision purposes.

As per the request of our users, we developed shorter version of notes for revision purposes. We did so for most of the core study modules and we continue to add short revision notes for all the modules we have.

Model Essays

Model answers showing students structure for problem/essay questions.

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos explaining in detail how to answer problem/essay questions, structure to follow and recommendations for getting a first class.

Quizzes and Flashcards

Perfect way to practice and revise

Case Summaries

Short, on point, simple case summaries

Interactive Learning Platform

Our website will allow you to register and have you own profile with your personal information. You will then be able to find classmates and fellow students from other universities, engage in discussion on our forums, ask questions, chat with each other or find a study buddy.

SimpleStudying Team

Nini Sarishvili bio image

Nini Sarishvili

CEO & Co-founder

Hover here to find out more.

Nini Sarishvili

LLB and LLM Graduate

LLM graduate specialising in International Commercial Law, with legal work experience in international law, commercial and corporate law.

Miltiadis Giannakopoulos bio image

Miltiadis Giannakopoulos

COO & Co-founder

Hover here to find out more.

Miltiadis Giannakopoulos

LLB Graduate

LLB graduate with legal work experience in corporate law.

Sohail Khan bio image

Sohail Khan

Content Developer

Hover here to find out more.

Sohail Khan

LLB graduate

Outstanding performance award in Commercial Property Law

Shane Price bio image

Shane Price

Front End Developer

Hover here to find out more.

Shane Price

Front End Developer with a background working in sectors such as education, sales and marketing.

Sam Odukoya bio image

Sam Odukoya

Software Engineer

Hover here to find out more.

Sam Odukoya

Full Stack Engineer with varied experience across industries such as Finance, Product and Software development.

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